"For fifteen years or so, before it grew too big with success..., the group around Delbruck and Luria formed, by all accounts--and there have been quite a number of accounts--one of the rare refuges of the twentieth century, a republic of the mind, a glimpse of Athens, a commonwealth of intellect held together by the subtlest bonds, by the excitement of understanding, ...."
​                                                                                                              --Judson (1996)

The laboratory would like to remain at around a dozen members, but we are always on the look-out for exceptionally talented and enthusiastic scientists; read below if you are interested! 

Prospective Postdocs:  Email Jeff a CV and explain why you are interested in the lab. Some experimental biology experience would be ideal, but a record of unusual success in your graduate career is the only requirement. Successful candidates should be competitive for funding through fellowship programs such as:
  • McDonnell Fellowship (deadline mid-July, note that this fellowship is applied for before choosing a postdoctoral laboratory)

Prospective Graduate Students:  If you are not yet a graduate student then you can join the lab through a number of different graduate programs at MIT. Some possibilities include PhysicsComputational and Systems Biology, and Microbiology. Harvard graduate students may also be a possibility. 

Prospective Summer Research Student: Undergraduates from around the world with exceptionally strong records are invited to apply for a paid summer research position. We are particularly interested in undergraduate planning on applying to MIT for a PhD.

Prospective Undergraduate Student UROPs: Talented MIT undergraduates interested in spending significant time in the lab are encouraged to email Jeff a resume and (unofficial) transcript. The laboratory works hard to include exceptional undergraduates in the life of the lab. For these efforts Jeff recently was awarded the UROP Faculty Mentor of the Year Award from MIT. 

Prospective Technician:  To apply email Jeff a CV. Our former technician (James "technically gifted" Damore) was featured in a Nature News article.

When not working we try to have fun. For example, see below for the Gore Lab vs. van Oudenaarden Lab volleyball match (despite their advantage in group size we still prevailed!).

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